Monday, October 11, 2010

I love the failing light of an October afternoon. There's something so exclusively special about it, don't you think? It gives time for reflection, for deeper thought, a moment to pause and just stare into the impending evening. I like it alot, especially when you're walking in a valley, and the tops of the trees are lit up like Christmas trees, while down below, the night starts to creep in.

It reminds me of how I like to walk alone at this time of year, and just reflect on things. It urges me to sit outside at Caribou Coffee, and drink Campfire Mochas (forget Starbucks Pumpkin Latte's, Caribou is where it's all at), and read a really good book. It reminds me of old loves,the frailty and hopelessness of those early flings, and how absolutely comfortable and in place with the world where I am right now. I dont want anything to change, I want to be that Dad, planning camping trips, and that husband who is depended on, no matter how much my wife teases me and declares it otherwise. I am, where I should be, standing in the long shadows, thankful for the moment.

By the way, this photo is
Wimbeldon Park, Autumn After Glow (1866), by John Atkinson Grimshaw.

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