Friday, December 18, 2009

So it's sleeting/snowing outside today. Exams are over, graduation is tomorrow, Christmas break begins next Wednesday, and I find myself in the position of not having a great deal to do at work these days. So what do I do? I get into my golf cart, drive out to the edge of the woods surrounding our campus, and go for a walk. It's a mountain bike trail actually, used by a few students for exercise and by a lot of deer crossing from one side of campus to another. But I like it, because it's secluded and for one brief shining moment in my day, I can stand in the woods and listen to the silence. It's not the silence of the woods out where I deer hunt, but it's quiet enough to listen to the wind blow through the trees. I'm hoping to make a hike tomorrow thru Reedy creek park, but were expected to get 3 inches of wintry mix, so who knows what's going to happen. Hope y'all have better luck at getting outdoors than I'm having these days!