Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time just zips right by, doesn't it? It has been a really long time between posts for me, and to be honest I'm not even sure anyone even checks this anymore, but nevertheless, I'm going to "post away".

So I'm down 100 pounds, did I go over that last time? No? Yes? Well I am, and I feel pretty good. I can ride a bike again, and I can even run, though I'm not tempting the knee gods by doing it too much. Bikes, and stairs are the order of the day.

I'm slowly getting back into Scouting; Outdoor Leadership skills training is coming up, and I've signed up for it, but after looking at the book, I think I pretty much know all of it by now. We'll see what the course holds for me. I'm ready for my son to be out of Cub scouts though, I really am. "Burnt out" would be the correct phrase, I'm burnt out. Don't want to attend any more Blue & Golds, or Pinewood derbies, just a little camping thank you. Is that bad of me? Should I feel terrible for wanting it to all be over? I'm sorry, but my idea of what the boys should be doing just doesn't jive with the current leadership of the pack, and rather than fight over it, I just want to move on.

Our beloved beagle Molly died back in July; she had degenerative disc disease and there was not a whole lot we could do for her..... I know humans I have not cried that much for when they died. That dogs death tore a hole in my heart that just......Words can't even begin to describe. Anyway, we were introduced to a rescue from the SPCA in December, an English pointer/boxer named "Snoopy" who firmly ensconced himself into our lives and hearts. He is currently working on chewing up anything that he can get his 50 pound puppy jaws around. Pictures will follow.

Is that enough for now? It's gonna have to be, because "Walking Dead" is coming on, and I have a standing date with my wife to watch it.


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