Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting to know you ♪ ♫......

Like my new friend? I was driving across campus in my trusty golf cart when I happened upon this fellow getting a sun bath. For the 15 minutes or so I sat with him (no closer than this mind you) he made no defensive posturing towards me, none at all.

Copperheads are very common in our area; in fact, they are the only venomous snake to be found in this part of North Carolina Rattlesnakes to left of us and cottonmouths and coral snakes to the right), but I haven't seen one in "the wild" for a very long time.

Resilient little critters; as I was watching him, a bike rider came along, and before I could warn him, completely ran over him with both tires! But I think that it happened so fast that he wasn't really hurt in the least bit, because he just sort of looked around like "What in the heck was that?!?" and went about his snakely duties. I sat with him for another 5 minutes or so, just to make sure he was O.K, and then shooed him off the trail and back into the woods so he would not get into trouble with all the people who use this greenway.

A few friends of mine of FaceBook declared me insane for not lopping his head off, but why? How is it my duty, my obligation -my right- to kill him? Is he in my house? Is he threatening my family? No! In fact, were in HIS house, threatening HIS family! He has more right to be there than any of the people who use that greenway, and instead of killing him, they should give him a very wide berth, and leave him alone.


Ellesar said...

I agree with you - why would anyone have difficulty in grasping the concept of respecting nature. I find it sad that a young person has not learnt that. I certainly ensured that my children learnt that.

Twisted said...

I'm glad you didn't kill it. The title of your post made me LOL