Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A message for 蔡舜娟蔡舜娟

Dear 蔡舜娟蔡舜娟,
I appreciate that you keep leaving messages on my board, I really do. But I do not speak, nor do i read whatever language it is you are speaking, and since your Blog doesn't really have anything to it, I cannot publish your comments. That may be prejudiced of me, but if I cant read what it says, I really don't want it on my blog. If you want to comment on what I write in English, I'd be more than happy to publish your comments, providing they have some relevence to what I am trying to convey. However, at this time, I cannot accept your comments in their current form, so please stop sending them to me. Thank you.


Barb, sfo said...

That spammer visits you too?

If your tactic works, I'm totally stealing it. Let me know!

Steve said...

Im just glad to know it's not just me being mean to some well intentioned foreigner!

Breeze said...

It looks like Chinese. I think there are ways to use "interpret". Maybe the person is well intentioned?