Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Happy Veterans Day", or "Thank You Veterans Day"??

One week from today is Veterans day, and this weekend, the Mecklenburg Council of BSA will be part of the Salute toVeterans day parade. It's always a lot of fun, but this year promises to be a bigger parade than ever before. I kind of jumped up and down so much about it back in June, that I went and got myself "volunteered" to head things up. It has been a labor of love, but the men and women who have protected us all these years are worth it. I am not worthy of being counted amongst their ranks, but reluctantly, I am. If you have a Veterans day parade in your town, I would urge you to take that hour out of your day, and go down and participate. They gave at least 4 years of their lives up to protect us, is it really so much to ask that you give up one hour a year to say thank you?

If you are a leader in Cub Scouts or Brownies, heres a good project for you to do in the next week with your kids;There are a ton of Veterans Day coloring sheets found online that you can print out for your scouts to color. have them pick from a few different ones, color the sheet and write a small message to a veteran on the back. They can then send the picture to a family member who might be a vet, or who might still be serving. A nice touch is to take a picture of the den and send it along in the letters with a thank you on the back of it. We went an extra step, and got a nice Veterans Day card from hallmark, and had all the kids and leaders sign it, put a picture of the den in it, and then figured out who in the den had the oldest Veteran in their family, and mailed the card to that boys relative (in this case a Great Granpa who was with the 8th Army Air Corps in WWII).

You would be surprised how a simple "thank you" will touch a vets heart; I've seen men who braved the flesh shredding machine gun fire of Okinawa and Guadacanal well up with tears in their eyes because someone simply said thank you to them. Whatever you decide to do, at the very least find a veteran, shake their hand, and tell them you appreciate what they do every day for us .

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