Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks to my Great Uncle Norman, who lied about his age to join the Army in 1944, and at the tender age of 17 was assigned to the 28th Infantry, Pennsylvania National Guard, and sent to the Huertgen forest. He survived hopeless odds; His unit had a 110% casualty rate, and in 2 months of fighting in Huertgen, the U.S. Losses were a little over 33,... Read More000 dead (That's almost as many as we lost during the entire Vietnam war). My Uncle received the bronze Star with V for Valor for his part in the Battle of the Huertgen forest. No one in my family knows why, and that in and of itself, is a very sad statement about our society.

When relieved in early December, the 28th-and my Uncle- were sent to a very quiet part of the front for R&R. It was so quiet, it was nicknamed "the Ghost front". The ghost front was right near a little Belgian town called Bastogne.

I was never allowed to tell you thank you Uncle Norman, and it is one of my only regrets in life.


Ratty said...

That's a good sentiment. My grandpa also lied about his age to get in. Most of us have at least a family member that has fought in a war, and they all deserve our thanks.

Glenda said...
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