Monday, October 19, 2009

The Southern Appalachian Creature Feature

The Southern Appalachian Creature Feature is a short morning radio show broadcast on the best radio station in Western North Carolina(& the only decent one in central NC to boot), WNCW 88.7 . I felt that it is worthy of your time to read about, and definately worth your time to listen to, and is available via the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's website, as well as iTunes. I have included an MP3 here as an example for you to check out.

The trout economy of western North Carolina
The North Mills River, in North Carolina’s Henderson County, is one of Western North Carolina’s most popular trout rivers. I took some time one Friday to enjoy the river and as I was getting ready to head home, I struck up a conversation with another man in the parking area who was arriving. The man was from Texas. His wife had come to the area on business, and when he saw you could trout fish here, he decided to tag along with her. Trout money.mp3 (MP3)

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