Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lake Powhatan , Pisgah National forest

So last weekend, the Cajun princess and I packed up the car with camping gear, firewood and food, grabbed Molly (the evil dog) and headed for Lake Powhatan. Powhatan is situated in the N.E. section of the Pisgah National Forest a little bit south of Asheville, N.C. It was our first time at the Powhatan campground, and I must say we were mightily impressed with the place! We weren't there 15 minutes, and Boudreaux and Thibadeaux had a date to sing "silly songs" with Ms. Karen, one of the rangers.
Our campsite was really nice; spacious, clean and secluded. Though we were 50 yards from the guard shack, you would have known it. there was an abundance of firewood to be gathered all around, and it appeared as if it was all due to the staff cutting it and leaving it in the woods for collection. An experiment in clearing old dead wood to make room for the saplings sprouting up all around. The Campsites were spaced about 30 yards apart, so you knew you had neighbors, but you didn't see them. Hearing them however, well that's another story. Our first night there was a group of college kids camping next to us that came in from partying after "quiet time" (10:00 PM to 7:00 AM) was established. they brought a lot of friends with them, and they made quite a lot of racket around 3:00 AM with giggling, laughing, talking, putting up more tents and the like. this ired the "evil dog" to no ends, and she barked ferociously, protecting us from the unseen threats outside. By the next morning, the Park rangers had removed the guests who were not supposed to be there, had told the campers who were supposed to be there that they were on thin ice, and had ap[ologized profusely to us. The next nights rest was uneventful and even enjoyable.
Saturday found us entering Pisgah National Forest proper, to visit the infamous "Sliding Rock" falls. (To be continued).

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Tracie said...

Thinking about camping there in July. I looks greats.