Monday, June 8, 2009


Sorry for my absence, but things have not been good. I don't feel like rehashing it right here and now, but if you are at all interested, here is a post the I recently wrote about the current situation that explains it all on my other blog, "Southern Porch".

I promise, I will be back at some point this summer, but I'm probably going to be a bit more balanced, as I need the religious part of my life right now a whole lot, and I want to find a way ti incorporate my love for the outdoors with my love for Christ..... Thanks for your understanding.


Ratty said...

Take your time. When you decide the time is right, you'll be ready. From your post, your father in law sounds like a wonderful person.

Annie said...

Dear Steve,

I just read your loving post/tribute to your father-in-law. Not only very touching, but I think perhaps you will/do touch others in the same way. Peace to you as you go into your retreat.