Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A very good snow day.

As I walked down the snow covered street Monday morning with my faithful -albeit disobedient- Beagle Molly, the words my wife uttered the night before (in the middle of a solid 3 days downpour of rain) came back to haunt me; "It's going to snow tonight"....."Aw, baloney" I said, citing every piece of folk wisdom I could muster to prove to her why she was wrong... Are they ever really wrong? So I found myself walking the dog on a crisp march morning, with the crunch of snow under foot and the prospect of a day off of work on my horizon as we meandered down the street from our house..
I decided that since the kids were playing with friends and my wife was still sleeping peacefully, I'd take the chance to just go out and....just be...One with nature, one with the environment, I dont know, but I knew I wanted to be outside on this beaitiful morning for as long as possible. We walked a good mile or so down the middle of a usually very busy street across snow and ice as polished as a mirror. To the right of the road is a thin line of scrub pines, blocking an old cow pasture partially from view. I knew from the moment we stepped outside, this was our destination.
The snow was deeper here, probably because of the overgrown brush , but it still came well up to my shins and was a little harder to mavigate than you'd expect. Molly loved it, leaping from spot to spot, chasing birds, oblivious to me, or the limitations of her lead at times.We walked to the other side of the field, and right into the woods. It was quiet here, the scrub trees and snow had muffled the distant sounds of traffic and the train tracks at the top of our street. i felt as if I was 100 miles away from Charlotte, and out in the mountains somewhere, the only sound coming from the chirping of small birds faintly breaking the silence.We walked in silence, underneath trees blowing and whispering in the breeze. I really should have taken the time to say a prayer, or recite the rosary (it is, after all, Lent), but instead I just stood in silence, listening to the muted sounds of nature. I guess I was listening to God, though it didn't occur to me at the time, but any time spend in silence, just contemplating the very essence of our surroundings, away from all distractions is time with God.

As we walked back towards home, I felt a peace about me, a happiness that only grew more and more with the rising sun. It was a very good snow day.


Ratty said...

You have captured here the very reason I like to go out and visit nature. I do miss having my old dog with me. Observing a dog having fun in the snow adds to the pleasure and takes nothing away from the peace.

Annie said...

There is something so peaceful and also uniquely different from my own Lenten season. All your snow. All our spring blossoms in the orchard. Amazing how different it is but how similar the feelings of peace are. Please stop by Steve. You will enjoy my Saturday roadtrip I'm sure.

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

What beautiful descriptions and photos of the snowy walk.