Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Leading the Examined Life" (or St. Francis was a tree hugger)

Happy New Year everyone! I trust you guys had a happy and safe New years Eve! After working in nightclubs for so long, I'm pretty much burnt out on the whole stereotypical new years celebration. No, my New Years eve celebrations these days are between me, the Cajun Princess, Boudreaux, Thibadeaux and Molly, our trusty beagle. We pop a whole lot of popcorn, make ice cream floats, watch a movie, and somewhere along the way, we talk of resolutions.

This year, my resolutions have taken a slightly different path. I'm "going green" as they say. The choice was obvious to me; Our Tiger Cub den is getting ready to start their "Leave No Trace' project, since we have started camping I have become more "ecologically aware"...Conscious if you will, and since I have started riding my bike regularly, I feel like I'm working towards making my own carbon footprint smaller. this whole concept became even more of a certainty for me when I read the following on the Patagonia Footprint Chronicles blog.

Environmentalism: Leading the Examined Life™

Every one of us does things in the course of a day that adversely affect the health of the planet. We don’t decide to, we just don’t give it a thought.

Surprising, though, how many habitual practices we can – and do – change once we give them some thought. We can all name environmental habits we’ve changed and more we intend to. This has to be done, and more often by more of us. The impact of an unexamined life is far more serious than it once was – deadly so.

Here we’ll examine Patagonia’s life and habits as a company. The idea is to give more of our practices some air and thought, and to change habits often played out on an industrial scale, with concomitant effects. We’ve been in business long enough to know that when we can reduce or eliminate a harm, other businesses will be eager to follow suit.

Tying my Catholicism into my edological endeavors
Certainly a noble endeavor, this desire of mine to be less of an impact on the earth than I already am, and one that perhaps we all should take a look at as individual citizens of the earth. This resolution of mine was further cemented early this morning when I found the "Assisi Nature Council". They're a " environmental organisation inspired by St.Francis of Assisi ’s vision of a universal brotherhood as ecological interdependence and the frugal use of earthly resources. It is concerned with the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the area Assisi/Mount Subasio, and it is focused on education to sustainability and environmental ethics as its foundation." Anyone who has followed my blog for any period of time will know that I am an aspiring Secular franciscan, and one of these days I'll actually have the time to devote to it. But until then I study all that I can find about st. Francis, and I try-Lord do I try- to live by the example that he set for us as disciples of Christ.

So that clinched it for me. I'll teach the boys of our pack about Leave No trace, I'll ride my bike instead of driving my car when I can, and I'll follow the examples of St. Francis. I think that's a pretty decent set of resolutions for the new year, dont you? So what resolutions do you have? I'd love to hear about them so drop me a line in my comments, and have a great new year!

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