Monday, January 12, 2009


I wish I had taken this photo, but I didn't. But I did see a Cardinal that was this vivid on Saturday with the boys, as we went on our weekend hike. I'm really pleased that they've kind of gotten into the idea of these hikes. This past weekend, we went out with the intent of birdwatching. Well, we did see a few cardinals, and we heard some titmice, but it wasn't a very fruitful adventure in as far as birding went. But the boys had fun, we got some exercise, and I actually felt pretty good. In retrospect, I probably should have brought the dog with us, but theres always next time.
Here are my ever watchful assistants, looking for the titmouse and the bluejay that were carrying on somewhere in the trees.
A tree had been cut down recently, and here my assistants are dilligently counting the rings in said tree to see how old it was. I think they gave up after 35 rings.

Lastly, I took this picture with the macro enabled on my little Sony Cybershot in an attempt to get a decent enough picture to enter an amateur photo contest our local parks dept is putting on. whatya think? I've got more, perhaps some that are even better (hopefully).

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Ratty said...

This sounds like good fun. I think I always have more fun when I take kids with me on a hiking trip.