Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Night time is the right time??

So it finally stopped raining, and after putting the kids to bed, and settling the Cajun Princess (along with Molly, the spoiled and obnoxious beagle) in on the sofa with her DVD of the "Sex & the City" movie, I finally found time to ride my new bike! I only went around 3 miles, but my lungs hurt and I feel as if i actually went farther. I would have gone further too, but the darkness and the knowledge that a massive army of idiots are driving around culled my plans to go any further. I had a head lamp, but the batteries are running low, and in my neighborhood there are just too many avenues without street lamps, and too many chances to get nailed by some kid not paying attention to the road, so i called it a night.

But what a rush! Granted, the hills killed me (but I knew they would), and I almost clothes lined myself on a power line anchor cord I forgot was there until the last second (In retrospect, the head lamp was a GREAT idea), but I really enjoyed it My lungs are burning from the pedaling, but it feels so good! Still, riding in the dark is scary as hell! Heres a video that pretty much sums up what it was like, even though I wasn't on a trail.

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Sharkbytes said...

Extraordinary night trail picture. Awesome! Glad I found your blog.