Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My newest addiction......

I dont do this all that much, really I dont, so please bear with me for a few moments.....I have oftentimes heard listeners of various podcasts expressing their admiration for the creators via skype messages or e-mails, declaring that they were so enamoured with said Podcasters words, that they just had to download all the available past podcasts. I've always thought this a tad bit extreme,; if I find one I like, I start listening from the most recent broadcast, and leave it at that.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself declaring with just as much fervor the same thing about "The Dirtbag Diaries" . For those not in the know, "The Dirtbag diaries" is one of -if not the best- outdoor podcasts available. It has a definite flow to it, the smoothness of a wave as it folds up on itself right before it crashes into the shore. All you have to do is get in the middle and ride with it. At the end of every podcast, I find myself wanting the next one immediately. It is pure addiction.

It's not a hiking podcast per se, it's not a mountain biking podcast or a rock climbing podcast, it's a podcast about one mans love for the outdoors, his need, desire to be in the wide open, his love affair with the mountains, and it is utterly addictive. The first one I listened to was entitled: "The_Shorts--Friendship is a Used Bicycle.", and if by the end of that podcast, you dont find yourself wanting to rush out and buy a bike? Then you better get somebody to check your pulse.

You feel as if you've always known Fitz Cahall, he's that friend that you have that always does so much, the one your so secretly envious of because he's always so active, and he seems to motivate you with every word that he so effortlesly speaks..

Whatever your interest is in the outdoors, hiking, surfing, camping, rock climbing, bike riding -of any sort- even simple walks in a local park, I'm telling you, you have to listen tothe Dirtbag diaries at least once. you wont be sorry.


Ratty said...

You got me interested. I'm going to check it out immediately.

Steve said...

The sincerity in his stories-the stories he relates to the listener- is what really struck me. It is inspiring, motivating, it is (at least for me) a catalyst for not only going outdoors, but for writing too.