Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is one of my favorite pictures of the boys and me.

It's a little over 2 months old, but already I can tell that it will always mean a great deal to me. We'd spent the weekend with the CubScouts, & after everyone had left camp, we decided to just meander around the N.C. mountains for a while. We drove all over, getting out of the car when the mood struck us to look at whatever caught our interest; peering over cliffs, investigating hulking old barns, collecting leaves that were so bright, they looked as if theyd burn you to touch them. We climbed on rocks, made grass angels, gladly offered to take pictures for strangers
-thats how we got this picture,we took a photo of their family, and they returned the favor-
and just in general enjoyed being together. my only regret to the entire day was that my wife wasn't able to be with us. Nevertheless, it was a special day, and as long as I live, I'll remember it.

This picture makes me wish I could spend all my time with my family, doing great things. the reality however, is that I have to work, I have to fulfill my obligations to society in order to spend these precious moments with my blood. It also makes me realize I have a responsibility to my family to keep myself healthy and fit,so I can have many more moments like this with them.
It's amazing, how things that at one time were so fleeting to me have all of a sudden become so essential.

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ballison123 said...

Steve - Thanks for your kind comments on my blog "Fratres Errabundi". I wish I had time to blog more but like you, time with family and work fill up much of the time. Some of the funnest times I have is hiking with my kids. We have a trip planned the day after Thanksgiving. I also contribute hikes to my friend Tony's Hiking website. He just posted the trip where we visited the B25. Go to
It is currently the featured hike on the home page. Great site with lots of free hike if you end up in Virginia. God Bless - Bryce