Sunday, November 30, 2008


So on our last camping trip, we came upon this really small plant with bright red flowers on it, and I have no idea what it is. Boudreaux and Thibadeaux are pointing at it in the picture above for scale, it was attached to a very large tree which had fallen over, taking the earth surrounding it with it, so it was (I am assuming) a ground flower of some sort. In the picture below, I tried the Macro setting on my Sony Cyber shot 7.2 megapixel camera, and this is the best i could get. Anyone have a clue as to what kind of flower it might be? It almost looks like a little berry, doesn't it?

It was in the North Mills River area of Pisgah National Park, first weekend in November, and seemes to do rather well in cool to cold weather. Maybe I need a plant guide, ya think? Wish my Macro pic had come out better, but I suppose sometimes, even digital photography can go awry.

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Ratty said...

I tried, but unfortunately failed, to find out what your plant is. I don't really have a plant guide either. I use Google to try and identify plants. Usually it works okay for me. You might be able to find a few good free online plant guides through there.

If you find out what it is, post it. I'd be interested to know too. I've gone through the same thing, trying to identify plants I found. In the meantime I'll keep looking as well. Maybe I'll come across something. :)