Monday, October 27, 2008

So Fioretta has linked an interesting article on advice from the Dying to the living, and one snippet in particular has caught my attention;

"There are some things about my cancer that are a gift and that may seem really odd to some people," says Mr Ransom, who was 32 when he was first diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer that affects the whole lymphatic system. He's now 46.

"It's aroused something in me that's made me more aware. You can do the same things for 20 years, running back and forth to work, or have five years where you process more about your life. I don't know which one is the best, but maybe the latter is a much richer way to live. "

I like this, the philosophy is sound (IMNSHO). I mean, why do we run ourselves ragged all the time? What do we get out of it that is so rewarding? A couple of extra dollars? Maybe some shares of a company whose future cant even be assured? I mean, I understand taking care of family, taking care of bills, etc, and I'm not saying that we should shirk those responsibilities, but maybe, just maybe, "someone" is trying to tell us something.

We need to slow down and look at the sunset, smell the smoke from a fireplace on a cold autumn night, reflect on your wifes laughter as she talks to an old friend on the phone.
We are presented with great opportunities every day to just.....stop, and do we take them, or move to the next task we think is so important?

I have found a release in camping and hiking, it gives me an outlet that runs tandem with my faith, and with the passing of every day, with every step I take thru the woods, with every turn of the next rosary bead, I feel myself becoming less and less angry, and more human/humane.

Mountains may rise, and mountains may fall, but we will probably not live long enough to see the completion of such work on this mortal coil, so we may as well slow down and watch the small part of the show that we can.

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