Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, here I am, in front of my keyboard again.

6 hours ago I was above 6,000 feet, on top of Mt. Mitchell, walking
the trail thru the dense scrub and pine trees,showing my two sons
signs of bears in the area, taking pictures of the color below us,
spread out across the blue ridge, with mountains as far as you could
see.....No McCain,or Palin No Obama or Biden,no stock market woes,
just me, and my boys, walking a trail, being pals.........Words fail
me right now, I cant stand living in the city, I cant stand all the
petty crap; politics,celebrities, chintzy newscasters standing in
parking lots covering the most banal of stories....Honestly? I don't
want it anymore. Every time I head up into the mountains, I don't want
to come back, and when I do, it depresses me so.....

Anyway, I'll post pictures later, right now I just want to
sleep....Maybe if I wish hard enough, I'll wake up in our tent.....

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Ratty said...

Great post! I routinely have those exact same thoughts. The total peace I feel when I'm out in nature, makes me want to stay there forever.