Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What price freedom?? ( aka,Book Review #2)

Have any of you read this? Let me first say that I did not read this because Oprah told me to. In fact, I didn't even notice her taint on the cover until now. If I'd seen it earlier, I probably would have mulled over not reading it, based on her recommendations alone ( My disdain for the "cult of Oprah" is a story for another day)...

This is -mercifully- a very short book, and I say mercifully, because I don't know if my heart could have taken much more of this sad, sad story. I dont know what is sadder, the content of the book, or the fact that it is a true story. I knew from my WWII "history fetish" about the holocaust, but I never knew what great lengths the Nazis went to when it came to their cruelty and inhumanity, and quite frankly, I kind of liked it that way. sort of my own little "see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing" rule.
But I digress...... Remember the first 20 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan", where you just kept wanting the killing to stop, kept praying that it would be over soon? I got the same feeling with this book, and it affected me so, that I even intended on putting it down and not picking it back up-EVER- but, I pulled myself back together again, and decided I really needed to finish reading it.

I highly reccomend this book for those of us with small children who, inevitably, will have to learn of the Holocaust some day in school. This book is now essential reading in alot of schools and IMSHO, I feel that it behooves me to be ready for the questions that will someday come along as a result of having to explain to them those blackest of days in humanities history. A very important read, well worth your while, and cheap to boot! I picked up a copy in Target for $7.00 and some change.


Annie said...

Well, heck. No sooner do I start on Weisenthal then you post about Wiesel. I think I may have read Night decades ago (or NOT). In any event, another for my list.

Annie said...

follow up on camera question - reply at my email (on my blog) if you like. Here's the camera she got.

I have a Pentax 7.1 megapixels on my desk that has been lost for about 3 months. No takers. I downloaded a user manual for it so will start using that one. It will be a nice step up for my 3 year old Canon 4.0.

Steve said...

"Well, heck. No sooner do I start on Weisenthal then you post about Wiesel."

I know! Isn't that odd? It really is a great book, but in parts it was more than my heart could bear to read.