Saturday, July 5, 2008

No static at all......

Okeedokee artichokees, I know ya didn't ask for it, but here it tis anyway; my most listened to radio stations on the internet for this 4th of July weekend,2008. Usually, topping the list would be The Catholic Channel on Sirius, and rest assured, it is still up there, but I'm concentrating on four music stations today, so with out further delay.....

Topping my list right now, is KRVS 88.7, Radio Acadie ,despite their morning programming being mostly in French, this is a true slice of Americana. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, this Public Radio Station plays Cajun music, Zydeco, Blues, Jazz, Swamp Pop, Swamp Rock, Louisiana singer/ songwriter music, and many other types of music created and played in Louisiana. This is the toe tapping music of the Louisiana heartland, not the standard schtick played in every tourist trap in the French quarter. If you like accordions in any way shape or form, you'll like this station.

Speaking of accordions, you really don't have to look any further than WALN~ The Polka Station
for great accordion music. Located in Allentown Pennsylvania, it is a welcome addition to internet radio station phenomena, and yes, it is also broadcast in a mixture of English and other languages, predominantly German this time . I have to say, that not one weekend in the past 5 or 6 years has gone by where I did not tune in WALN for at least a couple of hours.

Let's bop back below -WAY below- the Mason/Dixon line to Louisiana again, this time to WWOZ . Now, WWOZ is called the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Station, broadcasting live from the famed New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival annually. Their governance board is appointed by the
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation., and they are a listener-supported, volunteer-operated radio station, currently operating out of the French Market Corporation Offices.
In the aftermath of Katrina, they moved all their vinyl, all their equipment, and broadcasted out of the second story of a coffee shop until new digs could be acquired. Again, a vital, essential chunk of Americana that also should never be placed in the position of ceasing to be. WWOZ plays music that you positively will not hear anywhere else in the world, oftentimes music that was recorded the night before, live at The Maple Leaf. One word of warning for those leaning towards the political right; there is no love loss or lack of heated comments in New Orleans for "W", his administration, FEMA, and anyone else connected to the blunders after that witch katrina came ashore, and it is oftentimes voiced by the DJ's on this station. But it is really a great station that should not be overlooked.

And finally, we get a little closer to home (for me at least). WNCW, is a gem of a station, situated in lovely Spindale, North Carolina. This station is situated snugly in the foothills of the Appalachain's, and it's format oftentimes reflects that down home, rural lifestyle. Now, I will say that they have a tendency on weekday nights -especially Wednesday's- to play a whole lot of Grateful dead (which I loathe), but on the weekends, they have the best bluegrass and Celtic programming you will ever find anywhere. Fiona Ritchie's "Thistle and Shamrock" program hasn't got a thing on WNCW's "Celtic winds" and their show their bluegrass show "Goin Across the Mountain" (Every saturday from 11am-7pm) is 2nd to none.

I hope that you find at least one station in the motley bunch that piques your interest, I certainly find a little time for all of them here and there as my weekend progresses. I have, over the years, found that I rather enjoy denying the TV it's assumed sway over me, and these stations are another defense against just that. Enjoy

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