Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Journey into God....Questions....

The Journey Into God~A Forty-Day Retreat with Bonaventure, Francis and Clare
by Josef Raischl, S.F.O., and André Cirino, O.F.M.

I have questions about this book; has anyone read it before? If so, what were you're impressions of it? I got into week 5, and just felt it was too complicated, especially since it was supposed to be mostly based on the examples of St. Francis and St.Clare. I was reading it as part of a SFO group on Yahoo groups, and didn't really communicate very well with the other members, so perhaps I just had a bad attitude about the whole thing. I think I'm going to pick it back up and start over again, see if I can "get it" this time. Still, if anyone has read it, please let me know, I'd like to get some input on this book and your experiences with it -or any like minded books- and any pointers you might give me to get more out of it.

In retrospect, I think I need to read more books like this anyway. I've pretty much been on a steady diet of history books for the past year, and I think I need to balance my system out with more spiritual fare. In as much as I enjoy history -especially WWII history- I think it tends to harden one after a while, I've gotten more cynical in the past year or so, and I really don't like that very much. So, if anyone has any suggestions for me, by all means, post em in my comments page, I'm open to suggestions!!


Tausign said...

I haven't read the title you mentioned so I have nothing to offer.

But I have read this: Franciscan Prayer which is excellent and understandable.

Steve said...

Thanks! I'll have to try that one then, because I started to re-read "Journey" today, and ended up going to BooksAMillion and buying another WWII book. Nothing wrong with that, but I really want to bulk up my spiritual reading, you know?

I read "To Live as Francis Lived", twice now, and I like that alot. Perhaps I'll peruse it a third time.

With "Journey", its really too complicated. I think if you write a book about St. Francis and St. Clare, you should be required to keep it simple, which seems to make sense, dont you think?

Tausign said...

I believe the book I mentioned will satisfy you. In fact, just glancing over it this remark stuck out: Bonaventure certainly attempted to outline Francis' path to peace in his "Soul's Journey into God", but the difficulty of this work with its complex, symbolic theology did not prove to be accessible to a wider audience. And the book you were attempting to read was based upon this complex theology.

Franciscan Prayer by Ilia Delio rang like a clear bell. As I read the first few chapters I remember thinking: 'this is exactly what Franciscan prayer is, she has hit the nail on the head'. Peace and all good.

Little Scribe said...

I've read The Journey Into God and used it for Lent two years. I enjoyed it but it is deep and not for those without background. I don't understand all of it but do understand more with repeat reading. I did supplement my reading to understand better with book on Bonaventure by Ilia Delio as well as her book on Franciscan Prayer. Perhaps more reading on the life of St. Francis might help, including Bonaventure's life on St. Francis. Also, books by E. H. Short as well as his CD series purchased here: I will say that all the books and CD's mentioned here have had a profound impact on my spiritual life and given me insights never had before about God.

Annie said...

I'm not familiar with this title at all, Steve. I've studied the possibilities of the Ignatian 30 day retreat but not this 40 day Franciscan one. It's hard enough considering a 30 day retreat, but 40????