Monday, June 2, 2008

Update on Health...

And the winner is (drum roll please)........Multiple bone spurs and arthritis!! Yes indeedy folks, if I was ever in denial about the onslaught of middle age, I am no longer in doubt of it's arrival. So, in two weeks time, I will have orthoscopic surgery to removes the bone spurs, and trim out the arthritis. they say that if I dont so it soon, I'll definately be looking at a torn rotator cuff. So in the interim, I am trying not to over exert myself, I was told not to lift anything heavier than 8 pounds, so I dont cause more damage than whats already there.
If I said I wasn't scared? I'd be a total liar. I've skimmed over the papers they gave me Friday, and while I have been assured this is a routine, run-of-the-mill procedure, I still see the nefarious words:
"Please write NO on the arm we WILL NOT be operating on"
and that, boys and girls, really freaks me out. I know, theyre only doing the "C.Y.A. Dance", but you take stock of your life -if even for a fleeting moment- in instances like this, and the future seems very shakey. It's odd, isnt it? You can drive back and forth to work every day, placing your life in the trust that the other drivers will look out for you as you look out for them,and you do this without a second thought, yet when it comes to Doctors we get all anxious and hesitant. Why am I apprehensive about letting someone with years and years of experience operate on my shoulder, yet I trust complete strangers -some of who I've actually seen texting people while driving- to make rational decisions?
I suppose it's just that the only other time I've had an operation, I was given morphine for the pain, and really had no idea what was going on until after it was over. But now, I have time to mull over it, and thats a bad thing. I really think I need to go have a talk with Father Remo.....

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