Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I got my staples out today! Finally, I will be able to sleep in my own bed tonight!! I haven't done that in almost 6 weeks (Because of the level of discomfort this shoulder problem has brought on, I've been sleeping in a La-z boy)! Now it just looks really, really ugly. The deep bruising has come to the surface, and so this yellow/black pallor has lent itself to my skin. I have also started my therapy, which is probably 50% of why I am so sore tonight. The therapist says I'm actually farther along in my recovery than what they thought I'd be, so that, too, is a good thing! Now I start a new diet, and a new exercise program. I'm really sick of being overweight and out-of-shape, so now is the perfect time to do something about it.

I feel very lucky and very blessed (one of the reasons I deleted those whiny posts I had up earlier); I had the anointing of the sick the day before my surgery, and I thought it would just be Father Remo and I, but my wife and children were also present, and it really made a difference. To have them all pray over me was........massive, just absolutely massive. It humbled me completely, and I really felt closer to my family than ever. I feel close to them anyway, but this was a different kind of feeling, know what I mean?

So anyway, I'm "on the mend" now, and I have a question for my handful of readers; What should I format this blog around? I'm thinking I need to go in a different direction with this thing, and I certainly dont want to copy you guys, because your blogs stand out and are great, and copying from y'all, well that's just cheap, don't you think? Any suggestions you may have for me would be great, because I don't want this to be a labor, and I want it to be something people want to read.
so, leave me suggestions, ideas, criticisms, whatever. it will all be used!


Tausign said...

Praise God that he gives us the Sacrament of the Annointing of the Sick and that you made yourself available to it. Yes praying as small group of family over someone in need is very powerful. Occassionaly, a member of our SFO fraternity will need prayer like that and all the members join as a football huddle over the ailing brother or sister and pray spontaneously for recovery. Awesomely powerful. Some form of healing takes place that is quite noticable. Sometimes its quick physical but usually its emotional and spiritual lift that's quite profound.

Re: The blog - I look for the presence of the Holy Spirit in other peoples lives. Either some discernment of how the HS is working in their lives through their daily activities or, like in my case writing some form of reflection. I had never seriously journaled before and I stumbled into the blog format. I try to make my blog a series of 'reflections'. It disciplines me to write occassionaly (but regularly) and since it's online it should be somewhat considered. I would fee satisfied with the output as long as I had two posts per month. Usually I go one per week.

Often I find myself having to 'stretch' which is my real goal. I start writing with a loose objective and see what happens. In fact since my trips to other blogs 'kicks in' an idea, I may have to write about 'why I write' in a future post. Hey thanks!

Stratoz said...

stumbled over here and the shoulder thing caught my eye. I brought up my shoulder the last time I was at the doctor, but he thought some other things were more important. Glad you felt the simple of joy of returning to your own bed. hope the healing has gone well.