Thursday, June 26, 2008

"everything worth doing hurts like hell"

As promised, I thought I'd start my review of books worth your time.Anyone who knows me even a little bit can tell you that I love my Wife and Kids, I love to read, and I love Louisiana. So is it any wonder then, that I have picked "Welding With Children" by Tim Gautreaux for this, my first review?

"Welding" is Gautreauxs second compilation of short stories, and is beyond all shadow of a doubt, worth your time to peruse. These stories are gritty and stark, as they are enlightening, uplifting, funny and horribly sad. These are the stories of ordinary people in ordinary situations that we all pass by day after day,never really giving them a second thought.

My personal favorites? I'd have to say "Good For The Soul", with poor Father Ledet, just trying to do right by parishioners who unwittingly get him into trouble, "Dancing with the One Armed Gal" , with Iry Boudreaux who teaches a very lonely and confused woman that life indeed, can be a "happy cowboy movie" if you let it. "Sunset In Heaven" is simply beautiful, with sweet old (albeit confused) Mr. Santangelo. The point is, all these people you meet could be from just about anywhere, but they're the heart and soul Louisiana, and that's exactly what this book is, the Heart and soul not only of Louisiana, but of Tim Gautreauxs book, and they have an important message for you. Buy it, read it, I guarantee you will not be sorry.

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Annie said...

Hi Steve. You had me at the word "peruse", my favorite word. This book sounds wonderful. On it goes to my Good Reads list. I'm currently reading Simon Wiesenthal's "The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness". Have you read this book? I highly recommend it.