Monday, May 12, 2008

A Foretaste of Heavenly Beauty

Taken from Augustine, Day-by-Day;

Envision the extraordinary brilliance and effects of the light in sun and moon and stars, in the dark shades of a glade, in the colors and scents of flowers. Then there is the grandeur of the spectacle of the sea as it slips on and off its many colors like robes.
All these are mere consolations for us, not the rewards of the blessed. What can such rewards be like, then, if such things here are so many, so great, and of such quality?
-- City of God 22, 24

Prayer. Look at the heavens and the earth: in their steady change and alteration they proclaim that they were made, and their very existence is itself the voice with which they speak. It was you, O Lord, who created them.
-- Confessions 9, 4
With words like this, how can one doubt at all? How can we not rejoice in the contemplation of what awaits us after this mortal coil? Moreover, how can we not marvel at the wonders and beauty around us presently? Surely God's signature is all about, his breath in every living thing! It is all so wonderful that we really have no room to complain, brood or pity ourselves, yet here I am, in that exact position. Things are not good right now, my family life has been tested and while I am confident that everything will be all right, I still am downhearted and disapointed in current events. I have spoken unkindly to my wife, and harshly to co-workers, I have become that which I have fought so hard not to become, and I am really downhearted by it all. Can noone offer me consolation? God can, but why am I so arrogant as to not rejoice in the gifts I currently have?
My friend S.G., a Paramedic, told me of a call a friend of his had to make yesterday, to a house where a 6 month old child had died.........On Mothers day........ Now I ask you dear reader, who am I to be feeling so downtordden? Why do I have the right to be so selfish and bitch and whine about my own life when nothing quite so horrendous has befallen me? Yet here I sit, and it maddens me!

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