Thursday, April 17, 2008

Main Entry: hope·ful
Function: adjective
Date: 1568
1 : having qualities which inspire hope

2 : full of hope : inclined to hope

I have been listening to the radio and watching the news as much as possible these past few days, to see if I can glean at least a little information about the Holy Father's visit here. I haven't been able to hear much today; I work in a building that is insulated in some strange way and very few radio stations can get through, not to mention I work in another county (a very rural county) and so not a lot of press is given to the Holy Father. But, I will go home tonight, watch whatever my DVR has recorded for me, and see if I can get some more info from The Catholic Channel. Father Dave from The Busted Halo Show is doing extensive coverage, as are a lot of the podcasters. I've got to say, so far I am extremely impressed with his Holiness. He is not as....stern as I thought he was going to be, he seems very kind and gentle, yet he knows what to say and how to say it.
Earlier today while celebrating mass in Washington D.C. he was qouted by CNN as saying:
"Today I encourage each of you to do what you can to foster healing and reconciliation and to assist those who have been hurt," he said."Also, I ask you to love your priests and to affirm them in the excellent work that they do," he added."
That means a lot to me, because I personally think alot of good Priests got a bad rap because of the actions of a very few.I know of at least three people who left the church because they disagreed with the way things were being run, and while I personally think these people were just looking for an excuse to bail in the first place, I cant help but think that the damage done by the media contributed a great deal to these people leaving the church.
I also am happy that the Holy Father has addressed the problem of Hurricane Katrina victims. Those of you who followed my old blog will know how much that whole string of events affected me and my family. But I especially like that his Holiness went on to say:
"The fidelity and courage with which the Church in this country will respond to the challenges raised by an increasingly secular and materialistic culture will depend in large part upon your own fidelity in handing on the treasure of our Catholic faith. Young people need to be helped to discern the path that leads to true freedom: the path of a sincere and generous imitation of Christ, the path of commitment to justice and peace."
IMNSHO, he has, in just one days time, strengthened the bond we have with the Catholic church here in America. At least, for me he has. I already feel a stronger bond, a more faith driven desire to lead a more faith based life, and I think that will carry me on to do more things with my parish than I recently have. I have been really affected by a lot of "bad energy" that was floating around my parish due to a few certain people in a group I worked with, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I now see that I should not have let this burn in me so, I should have found another path.
But I digress; I will be watching the rest of the Holy Fathers visit with eager ears and a glad heart, ever hopeful that everyopne else will get the same thing from his Holiness and this all impoprtant first visit to the U.S.

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AnnieElf said...

Good morning Steve. I've been avidly following Holy Father's visit. There has been quite a lot written and I have been shamelessly breaking copyright laws as I post some of these articles to my Benedict Notes blog. Please stop by and visit anytime.

And, as for a troubling few making great trouble in your parish - oh how I relate. Sadly, no doubt a problem everywhere.