Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayer (continued)

This is SOOOOOOO cool! I had to sit down and write as soon as I could! Following yesterdays post, I took Father Rodericks advice, and after saying my morning rosary, and stating my intentions, I pulled my car off the side of the road, turned off the engine and sat in silence.A relatively easy task for me, considering I work in a rural area, pretty much devoid of a lot of distractions in the early morn.
I sat with my eyes closed, head bowed, and felt as if I was just getting "centered" when "BINGBINGBINGBINGBINGBINGBING" , the alarm for my lights being on went off. After making sure the lights were off and that nothing further would disturb me, I again tried to "quiet myself' to hear Gods voice.
Now before this, I had been thinking of all the stuff going on in my life, both good and bad, and I thanked the Lord for all of it, even the bad stuff, and despite that fact that I am worried about a few things, i conceded that I have a pretty great life. as I looked up from quieting myself, I saw the woods in front of me; deep, dark, very gloomy. not quite the woods of fairy tales, but still pretty nefarious. Now down in the south side and northeast of Charlotte, it was snowing. In front of me it was raining, but where i was,the sun came out in a blaze of glory (no, im not kidding about this, not one little bit), and lit up the woods, just enough to see thru to the cow pasture behind them.
It was like a metaphor; the woods were all the obstacles we have to overcome, all the little things that muddle your path as you work your way thru life, and there is God, lighting up the darkwoods to guide us thru to the green pastures. it was really a great way to start off the morning, which I needed, as I broke one of my little toes last night at home!
Anyway, I just felt that I had to share that.
Pax et bonum! Vivat Jesus!

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Tausign said...

Your post itself is thanksgiving to God...which continues the pray from this morning.

May the Lord send his healing graces upon your toe. Peace and all good.