Friday, November 30, 2007

Tonight was our Parish' first annual advent wreath making workshop. We went -we were kind of obligated, since the Cajun Princess put it all together in the first place-and had a great time! Loads of fun, got to talk to people I haven't seen much lately, promised to play poker soon, help cook turkey for the KofC Christmas party, and for the first time so far this year, the Christmas feeling was alive. Not that its been dead in me mind you, but until tonight , it's felt a little hollow, know what I mean? It's the crass commercialism that did it, nothing more. But the togetherness in Aquinas hall tonight was fantastic, and went a long way in instilling a very positive vibe into my Christmas experience this year! I swear, our Womens group has done more to revitalize our parish than any other group, and they deserve a great deal of the applause for all thier efforts.

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