Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Interesting Idea........

So as I am muddling my way thru the 23 pounds of ads that seem to come with the weekend paper once Thanksgiving comes around, I found an article about a Canadian website called "Buy Nothing For Christmas". I will admit, I have not read all of the information on their website, but it seems to me that their intention is of a noble nature. Who among us hasn't rolled their eyes at the ads on TV? "OPEN FRIDAY MORNING, THE 23RD AT FIVE A.M FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE!!" Come on!! Five A.M.?!? FIVE A.M.?!? Who in their right mind is going shopping at five am? It's gotten to the point where I loathe Christmas shopping altogether, and cant even abide going to the grocery store during the season. Is it just me, or does it all seem to have gone terribly, terribly awry? We cant say "Merry Christmas!" anymore, it has to be "Happy Holidays". Have we forgotten what the true nature of the holiday is? Or are we that complacent as a society that we'll bow our heads in submission to a few people who jump up and down and complain about the Christ in Christmas?

So there I am, with this whole circus of thoughts in my head this morning, drinking coffee, eating a breakfast bar, and wondering if my turkey stock is going to taste as good as it smells (I found a butt kicking recipe for Asian turkey soup with rice noodles off of Recipe Zaar if anyone wants it).
and lo and behold, this article presented itself to me. I already feel the burden of the commecial purchasing season, it hangs over our heads like a raincloud, doesnt it? I absolutely love the Christmas season, but I hate the commercial purchasing season (I think its important to make that disticntion between the celebration and the corruption that has leeched onto it).

I'm still going to buy presents for my family, theres no escaping that, but I am going to make a concious effort to make this season a little bit better, to do more good, to help more, to try and live the message, the true message. Anyway, I wasnt wanting to lecture or preach, just thought I'd send this y'alls way.

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